With his debut album “Inspiration” Florian Christl jumped straight on No. 1 on the iTunes Classical Charts. The 30-year-old is an autodidactic 21st century German contemporary classical composer, pianist, and arranger. His passionate, melodic compositions reflect his passion for music and inner emotions. His style can rightly be called “classical crossover,” and his music sounds right at home in the crossroads of 21st century “new classical” composers such as Max Richter and Ludovico Einaudi, and the cinematic sound of the late Johann Johansson.

If the soulful melodies on “Inspiration” still sounded like a kind of soundtrack to life, sometimes in the dress of cinematic music, which took the listener on a journey to the ups and downs of your own being, “Episodes” takes a clear step further. With this album Florian Christl gives an insight into the world of his feelings. By definition, an episode is a brief event within a larger event. And it is precisely these short events that inspire him when he sits down at his piano and simply allows his feelings and moods to be manifested in melodies. The composer’s ubiquitous love for music is evident here from deep melancholy to exuberant euphoria. Fourteen of these episodes can be found on “Episodes”.

As on “Inspiration”, Florian Christl is once again relying on the outstanding “The Modern String Quintet”, which once again impressively implements his melodies. In pieces such as “Melodie”, “Encore” or “Regen” the musicians show both the gentle and the powerful facets of violin, viola, cello and double bass in combination with the equally emotional and energetic piano forte. A total of seven compositions with the ensemble can be heard on “Episodes”.


Furthermore, Christl is supported by well-known soloists such as the internationally aspiring violinist Esther Abrami and the French neoclassical interpreter Piano Novel as well as the cellist Gereon Theis. The melodic and exciting arrangements of the strings, but also the compositions for solo piano, the neoclassical use of synthesizers in the piece “Dreaming” and the use of themes by classical and baroque composers such as Beethoven and Vivaldi show Christl’s musical development in the past two years.


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